Tip For Doing Dishes in Trailer- Use this !

dish drain

I think this is a great idea to use in your trailer for doing dishes. I don’t use a dish drain but a large dish towel folded up.
Anything you can do to reduce risk of water going anywhere and avoiding mold or mildew is worth looking into. I do get a bit of a problem with water from the sink and wet dishes going in behind my Fleetwood trailer sink area and “mop” up often.

This idea looks like it would solve a bunch of issues for me. Its easy to store and works well.
The genius behiond this idea is Linda at LindaMade. You can get pattern and full instructions for making this dish drain on her site.

Campfire Cooking: Dessert Dumplings to Make When Camping

An essential for cooking while camping is a good quality iron skillet or frying pan ( not teflon coated) You can use it to make eggs, pancakes, bacon and you can also use to cook over a campfire. Here are some easy-ish recipes to make make over a campfire- go beyond hot dogs and s’smores!

Recipe for Dessert Dumplings to Make Over Campfire

These dumpings cook in their own delicious sauce.
1 cup Bisquick ( or similar) biscuit mix
1 cup raisins ( optional – you can also use other dried fruit like chopped apricots, dates, etc)
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
1 egg lightlty beaten
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup milk

2 cups brown sugar
2 cups water
1/4 cup butter

This makes enough for about 6-8 people or 10 kids.

Combine biscuit mix with raisins and add nuts. In large bowl beat egg and add brown sugar, vanilla and milk. Stir egg mixture into dry ingredients and mix well.
In large skillet, combine topping ingrdients. auce ingredients; heat to boil. Add dumpling batter to sauce by tablespoonfuls. Cover with lid or foil and let simmer over low heat for about 25 minutes. You can make over hot coals or stovetop.

Fort Wilderness Movie Schedule for July 2008

Each night at the campfire Disney movies are shown on outdoor screen. The atmosphere is wonderful. You can bring you own hot dogs , marshmallows and S’more stuff to buy at the chuck wagon. In bust seasons they show 2 movies on Friday and Saturday/
Cost is free. Movies Start at 7:30. There is a camp fire sing-a- long with Chip and Dale starting at 6:30. Campfire open for roasting at 6pm. They rarely “stop” or cancel movies- even with light rain.

Schedule for Campfie Movies at Fort Wilderness July 2008

July 1 Home on the Range
July 2 Lilo and Stitch (PG)
July 3 Finding Nemo
July 4 National Treasure (PG)
July 5 Cars
July 6 Tarzan
July 7 National Treasure 2 (PG)
July 8 Ella Enchanted
July 9 The Jungle Book
July 1 The Little Mermaid
July 11 Freaky Friday (PG)
July 12 Ratatouille
July 13 11 Dalmatians
July 14 Enchanted
July 15 College Road Trip
July 16 Underdog
July 17 High School Musical
July 18 Meet the Robinsons
July 19 The Pacifier (PG)
July 20 Toy Story
July 21 The Game Plan (PG)
July 22 The Rescuers Down Under
July 23 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
July 24 Chicken Little
July 25 High School Musical 2
July 26 Herbie Fully Loaded
July 27 Peter Pan
July 28 The Parent Trap (PG)
July 29 Sword in the Stone
July 30 The Swiss Family Robinson
July 31 Mulan

Manuals For Thetford Portable Toilets and Cassette Toilets

You can download manuals for you Thetford portable toilets ( porta potti for camping and trailer on the Thetford site, under their parts section

We have been using a porta potti for several years and it is a godsend, It is used at might for kids and in the rain… Only peeing is allowed. Don;t mean to be gross but couldn’t imagine other things being done in there and having in trailer.

I have found the Porta Potti easy to keep clean and store- if you have a Fleetwood pop up make sure you don’t get one that is too high to store!

Skiing Memories

For those of you who don’t know- our family loves to ski (we are Canadian after all! ) . I grew up skiing and my dad was always going to Banff and Whistler to ski. many times he went to Europe ( not good for the marriage) and would go for a week or more with his ski buddies to places like Courchevel, France or Austria staying in a courchevel chalet . This drove my mom crazy- she wen t sking once wiht him and broke her leg.
The times I remember going with him were not that pleasant- my brothers and i were were left to fend for ourselves on the less dangerous hill while my dad tried to kill himself. I mostly remember never being able to find my dad and being freezing cold.
It isi a wonder i will even set foot on ski hill!
We love goin with kids and it is more about fun than thrills.

Letchworth Campgrounds in Letchworth State Park, New York

Off on a mini holiday to one of our favorite areas in New York State, this time to Letchworth campground- near Castile.
Often referred to as the ” Grand Canyon of the East” because of its spectacular cliffs and lush forests.

The campground boasts lots of hiking trails which we love and you can also horseback ride. I think this may be expensive. When we have tried to go horseback riding at places like Alleghany we have been stunned at the high prices they charge.

The scenery is just gorgeous- you will not be disappointed.The bathrooms and amenities are not bad. In general I have found the facilities in American parks to be better than Ontario parks. Most Ontario parks have outhouses which I have never seen in American parks.

I am not sure about situation with bears this year. This is one reason my kids don’t like going to Alleghany- they get pretty freaked out by bear population and refuse to leave trailer after dark.

Will post pics when we return .

Buying Your Second Trailer First

It happens to me every year. I LOVE our Fleetwood Sun Valley and it suits our needs perfectly. With gas prices sky high I am pleased we went tih a pop up and not a full toe trailer. Having said that – every year I start boresing an dlooking at newere, bigger and so-called better RV’s. I can browse online for hours looking at local online ads and RVs for sale type sites.
They say you should by your second trailer first- meaning that many people buy their first trailer/RV – usually a folding trailer and then end up trading up a couple of years later.
At the time I wasn’t sure we would make it in a pop-up trailer over the long haul but we have been to Florida several times now and the longest we have stayed in our trailer has been 5 weeks. It does get a bit cramped sometimes but after looking a bigger models I can;t see how they would be any better. So, I guess we did buy our second trailer first.

Instructions for Installing Fleetwood Deluxe Add A Room Screen Room

If you are going to buy one of the ad a room for Fleet wood trailers I suggest you buy when you get with your trailer or try and get used.
You can try and negotiate a better price when buying new pop up trailer and maybe get it for 400-500 dollars. If you go an buy the part separately at Fleetwood dealer you are looking at paying 900.00 for the Fleetwood add-a-room deluxe. OUCH.

Best price For Fleetwood Deluxe Add a Room?

Another way to go is to try and find used. Some people may have bought the screen rooms and not find they are using.
This is the best way to go. You might be able to get in the 300-400 range if you buy used. try and buy locally as these are heavy and a killer on shipping.

If you do get used and are missing instruction some kind soul took the trouble to post the original manufacturer instructions- you can view here

Make Your Own Firestarters For Camp Fire and Fireplace

I make a bunch of these in the Fall when I am making candles for gifts. I sue the left over wax for making these fire starters and citronella candles.

Making your own firestarters is very easy. You don;t need and candle making supplies- stuff you have hanging around in your kitchen will be fine. The only thing you may need to buy is some cedar chips ( can buy at any pet store or department store it is used as bedding for hamsters, etc) . Get a small bag- a little goes a LONG way.

Here are supplies:

Wax ( you can use canning was i.e. paraffin wax available at grocery store, old candles, cehap dollar store candles or buy at craft supply store. If you have a choice get wax meant for pillar or votive and not container wax)

Double boiler or similar. If you have old metal coffee can use this. You are going to melt wax and add wood chips and is messy. If you have an old pot or metal coffee can this would be good to use.

Cedar chips or similar. ( some people will also use dryer lint or shredded paper)

Optional: very small paper cups, cardboard egg cartons or large ketchup cups found at fast food restaurants.

1. Melt the was on your stove top. Do not do this without double boiler- never have pot with wax on direct heat. Keep on eye on wax so it doesn’t get too hot- when it is melted and clear you are good to go.

2. Add wood shaving/lint/paper and stir. You Will need to act fast so wax doesn’t harden. Add enough so material is pretty much covered.

3. You can just put blob on cookie sheets and use just as is. I find this messy. I prefer to put into egg cartons and cut up. Also can can spoon into ketchup containers.

4. Done!

All you have to do is light with match when you are starting a fire. these work better than any fire starter I have ever bought.
I keep in ziplock bag.

If you are using as fire starter for your fireplace I would add more material to wax- too much wax can cause creosote buildup in your fireplace liner.

Also- do NOT dispose of old wax or melted was down your drain. It will clog.

Renting a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness- Disney Campground

The first time I went camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness i was surprised at how many people had golf carts that they brought with them or or rented them at the campground.. I couldn’t get over how expensive they were. The cost to rent a golf cart at Fort wilderness is 43.00 a day. Ouch.

Last time we went I did break down and rent one0- they were SO much fun. I took kids all over the pace and was easy to go anywhere. I can see how it would become addictive!
If you can afford it I would at least get if for day just for the fun of it.
Don;t even thin of letting kids drive- there a very strict about who drives the cart- you must have a valid drivers licence.

You rent the golf carts at the Bike Barn in Fort Wilderness and you can also call and reserve one at (407) 824-2742.
You should probably reserve it if you think will will want to rent- they can go pretty fast.