Fort Wilderness Movie Schedule for July 2008

Each night at the campfire Disney movies are shown on outdoor screen. The atmosphere is wonderful. You can bring you own hot dogs , marshmallows and S’more stuff to buy at the chuck wagon. In bust seasons they show 2 movies on Friday and Saturday/
Cost is free. Movies Start at 7:30. There is a camp fire sing-a- long with Chip and Dale starting at 6:30. Campfire open for roasting at 6pm. They rarely “stop” or cancel movies- even with light rain.

Schedule for Campfie Movies at Fort Wilderness July 2008

July 1 Home on the Range
July 2 Lilo and Stitch (PG)
July 3 Finding Nemo
July 4 National Treasure (PG)
July 5 Cars
July 6 Tarzan
July 7 National Treasure 2 (PG)
July 8 Ella Enchanted
July 9 The Jungle Book
July 1 The Little Mermaid
July 11 Freaky Friday (PG)
July 12 Ratatouille
July 13 11 Dalmatians
July 14 Enchanted
July 15 College Road Trip
July 16 Underdog
July 17 High School Musical
July 18 Meet the Robinsons
July 19 The Pacifier (PG)
July 20 Toy Story
July 21 The Game Plan (PG)
July 22 The Rescuers Down Under
July 23 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
July 24 Chicken Little
July 25 High School Musical 2
July 26 Herbie Fully Loaded
July 27 Peter Pan
July 28 The Parent Trap (PG)
July 29 Sword in the Stone
July 30 The Swiss Family Robinson
July 31 Mulan

Renting a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness- Disney Campground

The first time I went camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness i was surprised at how many people had golf carts that they brought with them or or rented them at the campground.. I couldn’t get over how expensive they were. The cost to rent a golf cart at Fort wilderness is 43.00 a day. Ouch.

Last time we went I did break down and rent one0- they were SO much fun. I took kids all over the pace and was easy to go anywhere. I can see how it would become addictive!
If you can afford it I would at least get if for day just for the fun of it.
Don;t even thin of letting kids drive- there a very strict about who drives the cart- you must have a valid drivers licence.

You rent the golf carts at the Bike Barn in Fort Wilderness and you can also call and reserve one at (407) 824-2742.
You should probably reserve it if you think will will want to rent- they can go pretty fast.

Refillable Mugs at Fort Wilderness

I can’t believe I have never mentioned the refillable mugs at Fort Wilderness (and rest of Disney Resorts) . As of last year they made all the mugs look the same for all resorts- not the familiar beige and russet colored ones anymore.
You can buy your mug and use to refill at Trails End or with coffee at the store. It became morning ritual for my kids and I to hop a buss and go fill up. My kids would get a hot chocolate and I a tea. As with all things Disney- depending on staff that will really do up a nice hot chocolate with whip cream for kids.
Hang on to your mug- you can use them over and over again- year to year!
You can get refills for coffee many types of tea, pop, lemonade and hot chocolate.

Fort Wilderness Campground: Movie Schedule For April 2008

Each night there is an campfire sing-along followed by a movie on the Fort Wilderness campground. The fire is lit at 6:pm to roast and hot dogs, etc. There is a sign-along with Chip and dale and a movie. On Fridays an Saturdays there are 2 movies.
Feel free to bring blankets in cooler months, You can but s’more supplies at the chuckwagon but MUCH cheaper to bring your own.

April Movie Schedule for Fort Wilderness Campground

01 Apr High School Musical 2
02 Apr Tarzan
03 Apr Lilo and Stitch (PG)
04 Apr Cinderella
05 Apr The Game Plan (PG)
06 Apr The Rescuers Down Under
07 Apr The Apple Dumpling Gang
08 Apr The Little Mermaid
09 Apr Herbie: Fully Loaded
10 Apr Chicken Little
11 Apr Freaky Friday (PG)
12 Apr Ratatouille
13 Apr Monsters, Inc.
14 Apr The Parent Trap (PG)
15 Apr 101 Dalmations
16 Apr Snowball Express
17 Apr Underdog (PG)
18 Apr Meet the Robinsons
19 Apr Sky High (PG)
20 Apr Mulan
21 Apr It’s a Bug’s Life
22 Apr The Fox and the Hound
23 Apr Mary Poppins
24 Apr Brother Bear
25 Apr Cars
26 Apr The Chronicles of Narnia (PG)
27 Apr Peter Pan
28 Apr 102 Dalmations
29 Apr Toy Story
30 Apr The Incredibles (PG)

Contact Information for Disney’s Fort Wilderness

Phone Numbers for Fort Wilderness
To call Fort Wilderness resort directly: (407) 824-2900 Fax Number: (407) 824-3508
Manager: Doug

4510 N. Fort Wilderness Trail, Lake Buena Vista, 32830

Resort Room-only Bookings
(407) 939-7429

(407) 939-1289

Dining Reservations
(407) WDW-DINE (939-3463)

No More Value Season at For Wilderness in 2009? Big Rate Increases for Disney Campground?

We just got back from long trip- 2 weeks were of which were spent at Fort Wilderness. I heard several rumours about prices for next year. We were pretty annoyed by the Fort Wilderness rate changes THIS year- were you paid a daily rate rather then the price of your first day regardless of season.

Well- hang onto your hiking boots- what I am hearing now is that next year there will be NO Value Season – or any other season for that matter! There will be a flat rate- the more expensive one- year round!

I heard this from several people and also enquired at front desk where they knew nothing… ( if you have been to Fort Wilderness before you will not be shocked by this). We had planned our holiday this year around value rate and paid twice as much as last year for the bulk of our trip… Next year we will have to re-examine going for any length of time if we have to pay 70/night to CAMP. The facilities are great- no complaints.. but 70.00 to camp?? Ouch.

If you have any thoughts or info on the he rates for 2009= please comment!

Best Campsite Loops at Fort Wilderness Walt Disney World Campgrounds

What are the best campsites and best loops at Fort Wilderness?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and one people are MOST reluctant to answer- mostly out of fear that if they broadcast it- they won’t be able to get their favourite sites…

Without Question the most sought after loops that are considered the best in Fort Wilderness are Loops 100 and 400. Both are preferred loops- and preferred prices tag. They are private and have a “trail” that lead right to camp store and all the activity. If you are on these loops you will never have to take a bus anywhere. Another good loop is 900.

None of the sites at Fort Wilderness are awful but these are considered to be these best campsites and loops in Fort Wilderness-Disney World.

Fort Wilderness Reservation Discount- Get CAA/AAA Discount

This was quite odd- i had called a couple of times to see if they could apply discount and they couldn’t. I called this morning about something else to try- the woman was very helpful- and she said no- it couldn;t be applied. I called back AGAIN to ask about Internet access- which is terrible btw :-), and asked yet again- we are talking about 10 minutes later- and he was able to apply- was a significant amount- 150.00 difference and all I did was call back and get a different operator.

Let me know if you got a discount with your CAA/AAA or any other type . This discount applies to Fort Wilderness Disney Campground.

Map of Fort Wilderness Campground- Walt Disney Campground Map

Here is colour map of the Fort Wilderness campgrounds in Disney World, Orlando Florida. The map shows campgrouns loops, cabins, pool aream comfort stations and bus routes within Disney’s Fort Wilderness.

Click on thumbnail for full size/printable version.

Map of Fort Wilderness- Walt Disney Word

map of fort wilderness Disney World

Read my post Best Loops and Campsites at Fort Wilderness Disney Campground

Fort Wilderness 2008 Campground and Cabin Rates

Rates For Fort Wilderness- Disney Campground and Cabins

Note: Prices below for campsiets and cabins do not include resort tax



8/3 – 11/20




11/21 – 12/18
12/19 – 12/31
  $46/wkday   $70/wkday   $81/wkday
$48/wkend $72/wkend $83/wkend
$48/holiday $72/Easter*  
  $71/wkday   $52/wkday   $82/wkday   $94/wkday
$73/wkend $54/wkend $84/wkend $96/wkend
$74/holiday* $54/holiday* $84/Easter*  
  $77/wkday   $60/wkday   $88/wkday   $99/wkday
$79/wkend $62/wkend $90/wkend $101/wkend
$80/holiday* $62/holiday* $90/Easter*  


Fort Wilderness Cabin Rates and Prices




10/2- 11/29


12/19 – 12/31
  $255/wkday   $299/wkday   $340/wkday   $380/wkday
$255/wkend $314/wkend $355/wkend $395/wkend
$270/holiday* $314/Thksgivg $355/Easter*