More Tips For Winterizing Your Trailer

We store our folding tent trailer outside with no problems and take these precautions as part if the winterizing trailer routine.

Lubricate Metal Parts of Your Trailer Over the Winter

I do this for my pop up trailer, a Fleetwood Sun Valley 2007. I buy a can of silicone lubricant. When the trailer is open and I am putting antifreeze in the water lines we spray the metal rails at four corners of the trailer, as well as the metal stabilizing jacks.
The silicone is waterproof and protects the metal over the winter.

Protect Protect Hitch and Power Connections

A neighbor showed me this one. Take large pail- preferable tall- put over the hitch connections on the trailer. It will cover them nicely and protect from weather and snow.

Make Sure not Mice and Other Critter Get In Your Trailer Over the Winter

First get rid of any food or crumbs that might be left in the trailer. Check under mattress and cushions.
I am not sure if this has any merits. but we also put scented dryer sheets everywhere. Our dealer told us this trick- I am nit sure if or how ti works but he said they don;t like the smell. I tuck heavily scented sheets all over nooks and crannies of the trailer for the winter.

Any other tips? Let us know!

Help with Trailer “Jiggling” – Limiting Trailer Movement After Set-up

I have been struggling with for a while and has done a few things that have really cut down on trailer “jiggle”. The effect you get when some one sneezes in the other boat and it feels like you are on a shaky boat that just hit a wave.
Here are some key tips.

Use a real level and not small ones you stick on the sides.
To level side to side do NOT use stabilizing jacks use a leveling system or if you must a piece of wood under one of the wheels. You can back up or pull out onto the wood block to get desired height chance. I swear by BAL leveler.

2. Use pads under stabilizing jacks and front level jack. This is a MUST in sandy or wet soil. You can buy a set of four for around 10.00 at Camping World or similar. Make your own using plywood- cut approx 8×8 ” squares and place under the jacks.

3. Good quality chocks will also help with trailer rocking.

Alot of people have had luck with this product: but I have no experience with them.


Do you have a tip to help stop trailer movement and jiggle? Let us know and share you tips and ideas by posting in comments!