lock on our trailer is missing!!!

not sure what happened- doesn’t look like some one tried to get in but the lock for our Fleetwood Sun Valley is gone. This is the one use to close up stairs and the secure so travelling with this gone is impossible- you can’t close it.
I called our dealer and replacement for it is 40.00 which is not bad. the 150.00 labour charge tho!
you apparently need a rivet gun to get this done and then takes about 90 minutes to do Argh.

Instructions for Installing Fleetwood Deluxe Add A Room Screen Room

If you are going to buy one of the ad a room for Fleet wood trailers I suggest you buy when you get with your trailer or try and get used.
You can try and negotiate a better price when buying new pop up trailer and maybe get it for 400-500 dollars. If you go an buy the part separately at Fleetwood dealer you are looking at paying 900.00 for the Fleetwood add-a-room deluxe. OUCH.

Best price For Fleetwood Deluxe Add a Room?

Another way to go is to try and find used. Some people may have bought the screen rooms and not find they are using.
This is the best way to go. You might be able to get in the 300-400 range if you buy used. try and buy locally as these are heavy and a killer on shipping.

If you do get used and are missing instruction some kind soul took the trouble to post the original manufacturer instructions- you can view here

New Fleetwood Popup Trailer: Saratoga from Highlander Series 2007

Wow- have to admit this is pretty nice! It is basically the Niagara model in a 12 foot box. ( The Niagara is 14 foot box and requires different towing options that most towing vehicles may not be handle without expensive upgrades).

We are very happy with out Fleetwood Sun Valley- but this is tempting! Has indoor shower, slide-out dinetter, ceramic toilet, 2 King beds, 3 burner stove, oven. Storage does seem a little limited, though.

Dimensions of Fleetwood Saratoga

Box Size Classification 12 ft
Gross Veh. Weight Rating 3,500 lbs
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 2,900 lbs
Max. Carrying Capacity 590 lbs
Dimensions Open (L x W) 24′ 5″ x 10′ 6″
Dimensions Closed (L x W) 17′ 3″ x 7

* Description: Toilet, CD Stereo, Aluminium Wheels, Oven, Power Lift.
* DC Converter
* Propane Tank
* Stabilizer Jacks
* Spare Tire
* Exterior Shower
* Shower
* Electrical Hookup
* Stove
* Furnace
* Awning
* Water Heater

Fleetwood Saratoga 2007.

Tips to Avoid Sway When Towing Trailer

I had a rough trip recently- very bad sway when towing our 12″ box pop up trailer. I had to use over ride button on electric brakes about every 5 minutes- especially bad when a big 18 wheeler passed me by or a curve in the road. Pushing the over ride button on the brakes did work ( when you do this brakes are applied to the trailer while you are driving) as did a couple of other things- like speeding up slightly.
I got a tip that solved the problem immediately and went on a 7 hour trip with not ONE instance of sway. I put a second propane tank on- the weight help stabilize. Also, I heavy item in from of the axle- i.e drinking water jugs under seats near front bunk, etc. This worked like a dream.