Manuals For Thetford Portable Toilets and Cassette Toilets

You can download manuals for you Thetford portable toilets ( porta potti for camping and trailer on the Thetford site, under their parts section

We have been using a porta potti for several years and it is a godsend, It is used at might for kids and in the rain… Only peeing is allowed. Don;t mean to be gross but couldn’t imagine other things being done in there and having in trailer.

I have found the Porta Potti easy to keep clean and store- if you have a Fleetwood pop up make sure you don’t get one that is too high to store!

Instructions for Installing Fleetwood Deluxe Add A Room Screen Room

If you are going to buy one of the ad a room for Fleet wood trailers I suggest you buy when you get with your trailer or try and get used.
You can try and negotiate a better price when buying new pop up trailer and maybe get it for 400-500 dollars. If you go an buy the part separately at Fleetwood dealer you are looking at paying 900.00 for the Fleetwood add-a-room deluxe. OUCH.

Best price For Fleetwood Deluxe Add a Room?

Another way to go is to try and find used. Some people may have bought the screen rooms and not find they are using.
This is the best way to go. You might be able to get in the 300-400 range if you buy used. try and buy locally as these are heavy and a killer on shipping.

If you do get used and are missing instruction some kind soul took the trouble to post the original manufacturer instructions- you can view here

Easy way to check how much propane is left in your tank- Free too!

Here is an easy trick to find out how low you are on propane. Get a cup/pitcher of HOT water and pour down the site of your tank. You will get a condensation line where the propane stops. Neat, eh? !


Bill Johns’ Excellent Motorcycle Camping Guide Offers all kinds of advice and tips for camping with a motorcycle.
He offers advice on what to pack when camping with just a motorcycle to haul all your gear, types of storage equipment for your bike, food and everything else you can think of ( or not!) to pack . He offers his camping advice in a humorous and laid back style- very easy to read and chocked full of info. A must read if you have ever considered camping with your motorcycle.( Which to me sounds like FUN!) maybe when kids are grown we can give it whirl.

camping motorcycle

Towing Mirrors for Towing a Pop Up Trailer

I have finally decided to buy some towing mirrors. I have been using a stick-on convex and need something with some more heft- and security. I find I have a hard time seeing what is just behind my trailer and think its not worth it to avoid the towing mirrors. After much research these are the most recommended towing mirrors on the market:

McKesh Towing Mirrors , pricey but worth it. They come on and off easily , no vibration, movement or scratching of the vehicle.

Buying and Air Conditioner for Your Trailer- Air Conditioners for Pop-Ups

There are basically four brand to choose from when buying an air conditioner for you popup trailer:
Carrier Air V
Coleman P.S.
and the
Dometic Brisk Air

I have done a fair amount of research on this- and the brand most people seems to recommend most is Carrier Air V.
One thing to avoid when buying an air conditioner for you RV is one that has excessive water run off- I know that Carrier Air V does not have this problem. The Carrier a/c unit has oscillating vents, a slinger wheel that throws the run off back on the compressor so that run off is minimum. The “slinger wheel” design recycles condensation back onto the condenser coil, which significantly reduces water runoff along the roof and down the sides of the RV. This reduces system head pressure and extends compressor life, too. A bottom discharge louver directs conditioned air from the ceiling.
Another option to look for is a heat strip. This option will only cost you about 50.00 and well worth it.
air conditioner for trailer

Camping Checklist: List of Camping Essentials

I have been using this list for over 15 years- modifying it slightly here and there. Its amazing how little camping has changed. Even when you add children to the mix the stuff to bring doesn’t change all that much. Over the years we have found that it is actually easier to keep most of this packed up and set aside for camping. So we have a bin filled with things like table cloth for picnic table, tablecloth clamps, can opener, corkscrew, cutlery, etc. Everything we need is there and we don’t have to worry about packing. Most these I picked up at garage sales or dollar store.

Personal Items to Take Camping

Bug Repellent
After Bite or similar ( Tip: After Bite is just ammonia. Use a Q-tip and dip in dollar store bottle of ammonia)

Grilling and Cooking Supplies for Camping

Coleman Stove or similar
Hibatchi or portable grill
Serving Spoon
Paring Knife or sharp knife
Frying Pan or Griddle
Can Opener
Cooking Tongs
Drinking Glasses
Aluminum Foil
Colander/Strainer ( try and drain spaghetti without one!)
Salt/Pepper/Garlic Salt
Dish Soap ( I use this for hand soap as well)
Flipper ( for pancakes, eggs, etc)
Vinyl Tablecloth and clamps
Dish Towels
2 Pots- 1 medium , 1 Large
travel coffee mugs- will keep coffee and tea hot

Other Camping Equipment to Bring

Sleeping Bags
air mattresses
Camping chairs
Flashlights- 2 for every one
Propane for stove/lantern
Plenty of batteries!
Tarps and ropes
whisk for inside of tent
Clothespins ( to hold towels and wet clothes on rope clothesline)
firestarter or quick start sticks

First Aid Kit ( including Tylenol, band-aids, sunburn relief, polysporin,)

Drinking Water and/or Water Container
ziplock bags ( great for keeping stuff dry in cooler)

Food & Cooler (This is pretty personal)

Nice To Haves:
Beach/Sand Toys
Lots of Towels
CD Player radio
lots of books
beach blanket or picnic blanket
deck of cards/dice
ball/toys for kids

Neat Site for Camp Equipment Suggestions and Reviews

Found this site quite by accident ( trying to find out information on lesser known Campa Potti by Thetford).
Shoot from the hip practical advice and reviews on how useful something is, where to buy it, how much and worth it. Everything from rechargeable flashlights, pop up shower tents, hot water heaters and more.
Take a look!