Camping Checklist

I have been using this list for over 15 years- modifying it slightly here and there. Its amazing how little camping has changed. Even when you add children to the mix the stuff to bring doesn’t change all that much. Over the years we have found that it is actually easier to keep most of this packed up and set aside for camping. So we have a bin filled with things like table cloth for picnic table, tablecloth clamps, can opener, corkscrew, cutlery, etc. Everything we need is there and we don’t have to worry about packing. Most these I picked up at garage sales or dollar store.

Personal Items to Take Camping

Bug Repellent
After Bite or similar ( Tip: After Bite is just ammonia. Use a Q-tip and dip in dollar store bottle of ammonia)

Grilling and Cooking Supplies for Camping

Coleman Stove or similar
Hibatchi or portable grill
Serving Spoon
Paring Knife or sharp knife
Frying Pan or Griddle
Can Opener
Cooking Tongs
Drinking Glasses
Aluminum Foil
Colander/Strainer ( try and drain spaghetti without one!)
Salt/Pepper/Garlic Salt
Dish Soap ( I use this for hand soap as well)
Flipper ( for pancakes, eggs, etc)
Vinyl Tablecloth and clamps
Dish Towels
2 Pots- 1 medium , 1 Large
travel coffee mugs- will keep coffee and tea hot

Other Camping Equipment to Bring

Sleeping Bags
air mattresses
Camping chairs
Flashlights- 2 for every one
Propane for stove/lantern
Plenty of batteries!
Tarps and ropes
whisk for inside of tent
Clothespins ( to hold towels and wet clothes on rope clothesline)
firestarter or quick start sticks

First Aid Kit ( including Tylenol, band-aids, sunburn relief, polysporin,)

Drinking Water and/or Water Container
ziplock bags ( great for keeping stuff dry in cooler)

Food & Cooler (This is pretty personal)

Nice To Haves:
Beach/Sand Toys
Lots of Towels
CD Player radio
lots of books
beach blanket or picnic blanket
deck of cards/dice
ball/toys for kids