Best Places to Buy Replacement Canvas for Pop Up and Folding Trailers

I have a 1999 Jayco pop up and the old owner must have stored in damp a couple of times. I have scrubbed and scrubbed but cant get the black spots of the canvass. I don’t think it is hurting anyone it just looks unsightly.

I hunted around for best places to buy nre canvass fabric for my pop up and ended up with these two companies:
Bear Creek Canvas and Canvas Replacements

Cost at Canvas Replacements was 903.00 + shipping and Bear Creek Canvas was 975 BUT had free shipping.

I had expected to pay close to 2,000 so I was very happy with this price ;-)
I live near US border so just had shipped to PO Box and took my chances with customs. ( I did not have to pay anything extra)

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