Fixing Leaks in Pop Up Trailer Fabric and Canvas

There are lots of posts about leaky roofs and how to fix- but what happens if you happen to get a tear in your canvass or fabric?

Fix Tear in Pop Up Trailer and Tent Trailers

I had a bizarre accident last month where I g=forgot to put in support frames for the bed and at 3 am it all came crashing down and my day after and I literally rolled out of the bed ( not fun!) The next day when repairing to make matters worse I pushed a piece of the frame to hard when it wasn’t in place 9 another don’t) and made a small tear in the seam of the fabric/ I did sew up fairly well but the next time it rained sure enough small droplets of water were seeping though where I tore at the seam.

I could buy a whole new set of canvass for thousand + dollars.
What I did do was track down this AMAZING product- EternaBond

I used this on inside of tent trailer and works PERFECTLY! I am so please with product. It supposedly is a permanent fix and so far so good :-)

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