Campsite Set Up 2013


This is my set up on my trailer site 2013. I am very happy with it! I bought a new to me trailer last summer- a 1999 Jayco Eagle 10UD. It is 10 foot box and pops up with kind bed on one side and double on the other it is perfect for our needs. No hot water or shower or furnace but hook up for water and 3 ways fridge. I picked up in fair good condition for 1500.00 CAD. There were what I thought were rust stains on seams but found out it is seam sealer.
Also some black moldy spots in some parts of the tenting whch have been faced with lots of scrubbing and hydrogen peroxide.Never use bleach or tent fabric- will eat thru it eventually and remove any protective coatings.

Bot of a disaster earlier in the month when awning ripped off front of trailer and could no longer use add a room. I could use add a room if I bought new canopy which runs about 400.00 and not sure if worth it.
Previous owners did not angle poles of awning to allow excess water to drain and the canopy stretched and warped allowed HUGE quantity of water to build up and eventually weight ripped it completely off. Had nice surprise when came up to trailer for the weekend.

The build quality not even close to my Fleetwood Sun Valley ( lost in divorce) but there is a $15,000 price difference so somehow I will soldier on!

We put down some mulched up pine to absorb water and not make site so muddy and not only does it look great it really works.

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