Using Praying Mantis to Control Bugs, Mosquitoes and Black Flies at Trailer

Well… I have wanted to try this a couple of times but this year finally took the plunge!
Both Hone Depot and Costco sell Praying Mantis Egg case
Link to Home Depot Eggs
Link to Coscto Eggs
They do sell out fat tho so you have to by by end of May/early June.

The case claims to hatch 40-400 praying mantis babies that will grow up t be territorial
An natural predator and good alternative to pesticides. The Praying mantis eats aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitos, moths, caterpillars and pretty much any insect they can catch.
One egg case hatches many tiny babies that quickly disperse. Your egg case contains approximately 40 to 400 eggs.
They are sold for people back yards and gardens but I am putting up around my campsite where trailer is parked. Normally not too much if an issue for me but this year the black flies were terrible and my sister is up quite bit this year and she is a magnet for mosquitoes.

Mating occurs in early fall and another egg case will be laid that will hatch the following summer. The egg case is laid as a foam that hardens into a spongy almost indestructible mass, usually laid attached to a shrub, weed, grass, etc., a few feet off the ground. The egg mass survives freezing, thawing, rain and all the elements to hatch in the early summer to start the cycle again.

I read that some people get their egg cases with a small mesh bag to put in shrub- we didn’t get one and I was nervous that birds or curious kids would get at the nest.
My sister came up the genius idea of putting the the egg case – about the size of a plum- in the inside of garden tiki torch.
You can see is in pic above ;-)

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