Skiing Memories

For those of you who don’t know- our family loves to ski (we are Canadian after all! ) . I grew up skiing and my dad was always going to Banff and Whistler to ski. many times he went to Europe ( not good for the marriage) and would go for a week or more with his ski buddies to places like Courchevel, France or Austria staying in a courchevel chalet . This drove my mom crazy- she wen t sking once wiht him and broke her leg.
The times I remember going with him were not that pleasant- my brothers and i were were left to fend for ourselves on the less dangerous hill while my dad tried to kill himself. I mostly remember never being able to find my dad and being freezing cold.
It isi a wonder i will even set foot on ski hill!
We love goin with kids and it is more about fun than thrills.

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