Buying Your Second Trailer First

It happens to me every year. I LOVE our Fleetwood Sun Valley and it suits our needs perfectly. With gas prices sky high I am pleased we went tih a pop up and not a full toe trailer. Having said that – every year I start boresing an dlooking at newere, bigger and so-called better RV’s. I can browse online for hours looking at local online ads and RVs for sale type sites.
They say you should by your second trailer first- meaning that many people buy their first trailer/RV – usually a folding trailer and then end up trading up a couple of years later.
At the time I wasn’t sure we would make it in a pop-up trailer over the long haul but we have been to Florida several times now and the longest we have stayed in our trailer has been 5 weeks. It does get a bit cramped sometimes but after looking a bigger models I can;t see how they would be any better. So, I guess we did buy our second trailer first.

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