Make Your Own Firestarters For Camp Fire and Fireplace

I make a bunch of these in the Fall when I am making candles for gifts. I sue the left over wax for making these fire starters and citronella candles.

Making your own firestarters is very easy. You don;t need and candle making supplies- stuff you have hanging around in your kitchen will be fine. The only thing you may need to buy is some cedar chips ( can buy at any pet store or department store it is used as bedding for hamsters, etc) . Get a small bag- a little goes a LONG way.

Here are supplies:

Wax ( you can use canning was i.e. paraffin wax available at grocery store, old candles, cehap dollar store candles or buy at craft supply store. If you have a choice get wax meant for pillar or votive and not container wax)

Double boiler or similar. If you have old metal coffee can use this. You are going to melt wax and add wood chips and is messy. If you have an old pot or metal coffee can this would be good to use.

Cedar chips or similar. ( some people will also use dryer lint or shredded paper)

Optional: very small paper cups, cardboard egg cartons or large ketchup cups found at fast food restaurants.

1. Melt the was on your stove top. Do not do this without double boiler- never have pot with wax on direct heat. Keep on eye on wax so it doesn’t get too hot- when it is melted and clear you are good to go.

2. Add wood shaving/lint/paper and stir. You Will need to act fast so wax doesn’t harden. Add enough so material is pretty much covered.

3. You can just put blob on cookie sheets and use just as is. I find this messy. I prefer to put into egg cartons and cut up. Also can can spoon into ketchup containers.

4. Done!

All you have to do is light with match when you are starting a fire. these work better than any fire starter I have ever bought.
I keep in ziplock bag.

If you are using as fire starter for your fireplace I would add more material to wax- too much wax can cause creosote buildup in your fireplace liner.

Also- do NOT dispose of old wax or melted was down your drain. It will clog.

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