Renting a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness- Disney Campground

The first time I went camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness i was surprised at how many people had golf carts that they brought with them or or rented them at the campground.. I couldn’t get over how expensive they were. The cost to rent a golf cart at Fort wilderness is 43.00 a day. Ouch.

Last time we went I did break down and rent one0- they were SO much fun. I took kids all over the pace and was easy to go anywhere. I can see how it would become addictive!
If you can afford it I would at least get if for day just for the fun of it.
Don;t even thin of letting kids drive- there a very strict about who drives the cart- you must have a valid drivers licence.

You rent the golf carts at the Bike Barn in Fort Wilderness and you can also call and reserve one at (407) 824-2742.
You should probably reserve it if you think will will want to rent- they can go pretty fast.

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  1. Hi,

    I stayes at fort wilderness during march break of 2008! All the carts were sold out. Then on the monday the break was over there were over 100 carts!!!! By the way golf carts now cost about $54.00 a day! I would highley recomend renting a golfcart they are one of the reasons we are returning there. If you stay at fort wilderness you wont regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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