Make Your Own Citronella Candles – for Camping and More!

I am an avid candle maker . Every fall when I make candles for Christmas gifts I make a couple of things for camping with my leftover wax- citronella candles and campfire firestarters.

Here is the simplest way to make your own citronella candles

Container ( I use clay flower pots) fill in hole on bottom with silicone caulking. You can also use any container where the mouth is not smaller than the rest of the container. Jam jars are great but I don’t like using glass. Metal also fine if it does leak- so test first by filling with water.

wick – buy at online candle supply place or crafts store ( Michael’s, etc) The type of wick you need depends on width of container. The wick will have a label. The hotter it burns then the wider the container. I would stick to something in the 4-5 inch width container. When id doubt go bigger.

Wax- You can use paraffin as for canning but it is crappy quality. If you can buy candle was it is pretty cheap. You can also use up old candles buts. Look for container wax ( it is more creamy and will hold more citronella). You will need about 1 lb to make 2 larger candles.

Any questions let me know.

Citronella oil- get purest you can get. Add 1-1.5 oz per pound of wax. I do suggest a candle supply company if you can.
Other oils to try adding: Lemongrass, rosemary, clove and eucalyptus.

Something to stir.
Double boiler.
Candy Thermometer.

Get containers ready.
Melt wax. Put in double boiler or similar- never melt wax on direct heat.- use candy thermometer to check temperature. If you buy wax it will have a guide how hot it should be. It will be in the 140-160F range. READ instructions for temps.

You can add color with old crayons or old candles but don’t worry about it.

When was is melted take of heat an add oils. stir with bamboo skewer or similar. Pour into your containers. When they have set a but- add oil.

You can also “prime” wick by soaking in the pure citronella oil.
wait a day or so for them to “set”
These also make great gifts. You can get kids to decorate outside of clay pots with paints, etc.

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