Best Campsite Loops at Fort Wilderness Walt Disney World Campgrounds

What are the best campsites and best loops at Fort Wilderness?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and one people are MOST reluctant to answer- mostly out of fear that if they broadcast it- they won’t be able to get their favourite sites…

Without Question the most sought after loops that are considered the best in Fort Wilderness are Loops 100 and 400. Both are preferred loops- and preferred prices tag. They are private and have a “trail” that lead right to camp store and all the activity. If you are on these loops you will never have to take a bus anywhere. Another good loop is 900.

None of the sites at Fort Wilderness are awful but these are considered to be these best campsites and loops in Fort Wilderness-Disney World.

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  4. We have stayed in FT. Wilderness twice. Both times we were in the loop right across the street from the Meadows Trading Post. We loved it! In fact, we are planning trip number 3 for this fall, and will go for that loop again. The comfort stations are extremely nice. There is so much to do at the campground, you could make a vacation out of it, and never go to the parks. There are free campfires and movies every night, pools, a beach, and be sure to bring your bikes! The food available on site is very good, but not cheap. That is one thing the hotels have that the campground doesn’t, food courts. But with a pop up you should be able to cook a lot of your meals and save a bundle. You should have a great time!

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