Help! How to Remove Mold or Mildew in Your Pop-up Trailer or Tent Trailer

Okay- there is something worse then finding a tear in the screen of your pop-up trailer! Discovering mold or mildew growing when you open it up from winter storage.
Mold or mildew could have started because of a leak- but most likely cause is storing the camping while the canvass was still damp or not totally dry.

You can get rid of mold and mildew stains from your pop up trailer- but you need to be careful you don;t remove the water proof coating. Call your dealer or manufacturer to see if they have any suggestion for removing the mildew stains.

The best products for camper canvass are are bleach ALTERNATIVES- not bleach. Bleach will ruin the coating and may also damage the fabric.
To start- first get rid of existing LIVE mold and mildew. Put your camper out it direct sunlight. You can then “brush off” the mold and vacuum up ALL the spores ( and I would throw out the vacuum cleaner bag when you are done)

Solution for Removing Mildew Stains

Use a solution of 1 part water and 1 part rubbing alcohol and rub over the stains. This should remove the stains for both mold and mildew effectively.
Make sure you test on spot where if it changes colour it won’t show.

You can also try making a paste of lemon juice and salt and let sit in the sun- this works very well for getting rid of mildew stains on fabric without using chlorine bleach.


How To Clean Connection on Trailer Brake and Signal Lights

Its a good idea to do maintenance on your tow trailer brake and signal lights. A sure sign the need to be cleaned is if you notice they are dim or faded.
Get some sand paper and die-electric grease. Go to the connection and look for for the ground wire, usually on the side of the frame or on the bottom of a frame crossmember there will be a pretty thick wire (most likely white one) with a ring (formally a “ring lug”) attached to the end of it. That ring will be bolted to the frame. That is the main ground wire. Most other 12 volt items will have a ground wire connected to that one at same place or another.

Unbolt that ring from the frame and clean the ring, the frame where it is bolted, the bolt, washers, and even the nut (if it has one). Fine sandpaper works good. Bolt it back to the frame all nice and clean. A thin coat of die-electric grease will keep it protected. You should also check the continuity of the ground between the trailer and the TV. For that you need a multimeter, or someone with one.

Cleaning the contacts on both sides of the TV/Trailer plug/socket is a good idea, and again some die-electric grease will help prevent further corrosion.