Help with Trailer “Jiggling” – Limiting Trailer Movement After Set-up

I have been struggling with for a while and has done a few things that have really cut down on trailer “jiggle”. The effect you get when some one sneezes in the other boat and it feels like you are on a shaky boat that just hit a wave.
Here are some key tips.

Use a real level and not small ones you stick on the sides.
To level side to side do NOT use stabilizing jacks use a leveling system or if you must a piece of wood under one of the wheels. You can back up or pull out onto the wood block to get desired height chance. I swear by BAL leveler.

2. Use pads under stabilizing jacks and front level jack. This is a MUST in sandy or wet soil. You can buy a set of four for around 10.00 at Camping World or similar. Make your own using plywood- cut approx 8×8 ” squares and place under the jacks.

3. Good quality chocks will also help with trailer rocking.

Alot of people have had luck with this product: but I have no experience with them.


Do you have a tip to help stop trailer movement and jiggle? Let us know and share you tips and ideas by posting in comments!

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