Make Cool Campfire Colors- Make Colored Flames for your Campfire!

Amaze Your Friends and Family with these cool campfire trick- You can create some really neat special effects with some common and not so common- household chemicals.

To add to fire- Use duct tape lay a piece of duct tape out- about a 3-4″ strip- put a few spoonful of ONE chemical of your choice on the tape and fold over- making sure edges are sealed. DO NOT MIX THESE CHEMICALS- EVER!!!!!
When ready to add to fire- just toss the whole packet in :)

Copper Chloride : makes a BLUE flame, Can be found at Fire Work chemical companies- my favourite is

Borax : Light yellow-Green Flame (but this at any supermarket in laundry section)

Copper Sulfate: makes a green flame in campfire. Buy in pool/spa chemical store or Fireplace store.

Lithium Chloride: bright pink/red flame . Can buy here

Salt Peter:(potassium nitrate).For a violet-purple flame.

Epsom salt(Magnesium Sulfate}makes a bight white flame in campfires- buy pretty much anywhere.

Strontium Chloride: makes red flame in campfire. Stores specializing in fireworks chemicals.
also here :

Potassium Chloride: makes a deep purple flame in campfire. Sold as a water softener salt and starter fertilizer in most gardening sections..

Alum (thallium): a nice bright green flame in campfire. Used for pickling but can also buy cheap at drugstore- ask pharmacist.

Calcium Chloride : nice blue flame – is sold commercially as the product ” Damp-Rid” to get rid of moisture.

Table Salt (sodium chloride)- make an orange flame.

Boric Acid – deep red flame. Buy at any pharmacy.

9 thoughts on “Make Cool Campfire Colors- Make Colored Flames for your Campfire!

  1. One has to wonder what health issues could be caused. At one time or another someone usually takes in some smoke while sitting around a campfire. These chemicals are most likely highly toxic??? The smoke alone from burning wood is not good for you; can’t imagine putting chemicals into a fire. I love campfires and sit around one almost every evening when camping, but would like to learn more on the smoke these chemicals produce. Any ideas??

  2. In answer to your question Rick, you would look up the material safety data sheet on each specific chemical. On google you would type MSDS (CHEMICAL) it will tell you everything you need to know. But it is based of a larger scale then a small quantity, but is still good to look up.

  3. wow like none of these things are like “household” except the tablesalt. that one worked though. plus also my mom said i couldnt burn tape cuz it smells bad. but i did anyways :O i always do xD okay bye byes.

    [({-a person with a name-})]

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  5. apparently you’re supposed to “Avoid permanganates, nitrates and chlorates. These produce harmful byproducts when burned.” according to the website they provide a link for, and Salt Peter (potassium nitrate) is a nitrate. Also the link it provides for lithium chloride takes you to strontium chloride.

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