Home Made recipe for “Natural” Mosquito Repellent

For those who do not want to put DEET on their skin:

Natural Mosquito Repellent Recipe


20 drops Eucalyptus oil
20 drops Cedarwood oil
10 drops Tea Tree oil
10 drops Geranium oil
2 oz. carrier oil ( like olive oil, almond oil or grape seed oil) Note: You must use some kind of carrier oil to dilute the essential oils- never put essential oils directly onto skin.

Mix together in a 4 oz. container. I get a small spray bottle at drugstore that holds just the right amount and has a fine spray. You could also just keep in bottle and put on a cloth and rub onto skin. When spraying on the skin avoiding the eye and any mucous membrane areas. Keep out of reach of children. Test on a small area of skin for sensitivities . You can experiment with different amounts of essential oils.

I would re-apply every two hours or so. You can aslo put some on a handkerchief and tie around your neck to avoid nasty mosquito bits on the neck and face.

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