Best Places to Buy Replacement Canvas for Pop Up and Folding Trailers

I have a 1999 Jayco pop up and the old owner must have stored in damp a couple of times. I have scrubbed and scrubbed but cant get the black spots of the canvass. I don’t think it is hurting anyone it just looks unsightly.

I hunted around for best places to buy nre canvass fabric for my pop up and ended up with these two companies:
Bear Creek Canvas and Canvas Replacements

Cost at Canvas Replacements was 903.00 + shipping and Bear Creek Canvas was 975 BUT had free shipping.

I had expected to pay close to 2,000 so I was very happy with this price ;-)
I live near US border so just had shipped to PO Box and took my chances with customs. ( I did not have to pay anything extra)

Fixing Leaks in Pop Up Trailer Fabric and Canvas

There are lots of posts about leaky roofs and how to fix- but what happens if you happen to get a tear in your canvass or fabric?

Fix Tear in Pop Up Trailer and Tent Trailers

I had a bizarre accident last month where I g=forgot to put in support frames for the bed and at 3 am it all came crashing down and my day after and I literally rolled out of the bed ( not fun!) The next day when repairing to make matters worse I pushed a piece of the frame to hard when it wasn’t in place 9 another don’t) and made a small tear in the seam of the fabric/ I did sew up fairly well but the next time it rained sure enough small droplets of water were seeping though where I tore at the seam.

I could buy a whole new set of canvass for thousand + dollars.
What I did do was track down this AMAZING product- EternaBond

I used this on inside of tent trailer and works PERFECTLY! I am so please with product. It supposedly is a permanent fix and so far so good :-)

Another Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent – Homemade Bug Spray that is EASY and WORKS!


I posted several years ago on how to make your own mosquito repellent, Home Made recipe for “Natural” Mosquito Repellent.

Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent for babies and Kids

I am posting another updated one using cloves and other nice smelling ingredients.
You can get a small pray bottle that pumps out a fine mist at any drugstore but you can also get cheap at dollar store in the cosmetics/personal hygiene section.

This is the recipe that I have fine tuned and like best- mostly beciase if the scent :-)
this recipe id for 8 oz and can easily be doubled or tripled

you need 60 drops or approx. 1/2 teaspoon of your choice of essential oils listed below:
( I use a 2:1:1 Lavender:Clove:Eucalyptus mix. I would use some tea tree but my kids hate the smell)

Tea Tree

1/2 Cup distilled water ( can use water that has been boiled)
1/2 Cup witch Hazel
optional- 1/2-2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin. All this does is help combine oils with water .

How to Make Homemade Bug Spray

Put your water and witch hazel into spray bottle. Add glycerin and essential oils. Really don’t worry if you add too much of the oils.. will just make it stringer not less effective.
Put on cap/sprayer and shake up. Make sure you shale before using especially if not using the glycerin.

This works really well- let me know if you use and what combo you tried!

Campsite Set Up 2013


This is my set up on my trailer site 2013. I am very happy with it! I bought a new to me trailer last summer- a 1999 Jayco Eagle 10UD. It is 10 foot box and pops up with kind bed on one side and double on the other it is perfect for our needs. No hot water or shower or furnace but hook up for water and 3 ways fridge. I picked up in fair good condition for 1500.00 CAD. There were what I thought were rust stains on seams but found out it is seam sealer.
Also some black moldy spots in some parts of the tenting whch have been faced with lots of scrubbing and hydrogen peroxide.Never use bleach or tent fabric- will eat thru it eventually and remove any protective coatings.

Bot of a disaster earlier in the month when awning ripped off front of trailer and could no longer use add a room. I could use add a room if I bought new canopy which runs about 400.00 and not sure if worth it.
Previous owners did not angle poles of awning to allow excess water to drain and the canopy stretched and warped allowed HUGE quantity of water to build up and eventually weight ripped it completely off. Had nice surprise when came up to trailer for the weekend.

The build quality not even close to my Fleetwood Sun Valley ( lost in divorce) but there is a $15,000 price difference so somehow I will soldier on!

We put down some mulched up pine to absorb water and not make site so muddy and not only does it look great it really works.

Using Praying Mantis to Control Bugs, Mosquitoes and Black Flies at Trailer

Well… I have wanted to try this a couple of times but this year finally took the plunge!
Both Hone Depot and Costco sell Praying Mantis Egg case
Link to Home Depot Eggs
Link to Coscto Eggs
They do sell out fat tho so you have to by by end of May/early June.

The case claims to hatch 40-400 praying mantis babies that will grow up t be territorial
An natural predator and good alternative to pesticides. The Praying mantis eats aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitos, moths, caterpillars and pretty much any insect they can catch.
One egg case hatches many tiny babies that quickly disperse. Your egg case contains approximately 40 to 400 eggs.
They are sold for people back yards and gardens but I am putting up around my campsite where trailer is parked. Normally not too much if an issue for me but this year the black flies were terrible and my sister is up quite bit this year and she is a magnet for mosquitoes.

Mating occurs in early fall and another egg case will be laid that will hatch the following summer. The egg case is laid as a foam that hardens into a spongy almost indestructible mass, usually laid attached to a shrub, weed, grass, etc., a few feet off the ground. The egg mass survives freezing, thawing, rain and all the elements to hatch in the early summer to start the cycle again.

I read that some people get their egg cases with a small mesh bag to put in shrub- we didn’t get one and I was nervous that birds or curious kids would get at the nest.
My sister came up the genius idea of putting the the egg case – about the size of a plum- in the inside of garden tiki torch.
You can see is in pic above ;-)

lock on our trailer is missing!!!

not sure what happened- doesn’t look like some one tried to get in but the lock for our Fleetwood Sun Valley is gone. This is the one use to close up stairs and the secure so travelling with this gone is impossible- you can’t close it.
I called our dealer and replacement for it is 40.00 which is not bad. the 150.00 labour charge tho!
you apparently need a rivet gun to get this done and then takes about 90 minutes to do Argh.

Washing Dishes While Camping: Portable Sinks

I the OLD days we used a plastic tub and heated water up over the campfire to wash dishes. Now you can take a WHOLE kitchen with you.

Check oit this Coleman Exponent Outfitter Camp Kitchen from Coleman.

Features a sink with drain, sliding shelf for stove. paper towel holder (!) and a backgammon.chess board .
I am not sure how I feel about this. With the trailer I have been feeling less and less like we are even camping. I do LOVE not getting wet but I have become very dependent on things like electricity and water to the point of what I think is ridiculous- I canot go camping without my electricSunbeam King Arlington Electric Heated Warming Mattress Pad, White

More Tips For Winterizing Your Trailer

We store our folding tent trailer outside with no problems and take these precautions as part if the winterizing trailer routine.

Lubricate Metal Parts of Your Trailer Over the Winter

I do this for my pop up trailer, a Fleetwood Sun Valley 2007. I buy a can of silicone lubricant. When the trailer is open and I am putting antifreeze in the water lines we spray the metal rails at four corners of the trailer, as well as the metal stabilizing jacks.
The silicone is waterproof and protects the metal over the winter.

Protect Protect Hitch and Power Connections

A neighbor showed me this one. Take large pail- preferable tall- put over the hitch connections on the trailer. It will cover them nicely and protect from weather and snow.

Make Sure not Mice and Other Critter Get In Your Trailer Over the Winter

First get rid of any food or crumbs that might be left in the trailer. Check under mattress and cushions.
I am not sure if this has any merits. but we also put scented dryer sheets everywhere. Our dealer told us this trick- I am nit sure if or how ti works but he said they don;t like the smell. I tuck heavily scented sheets all over nooks and crannies of the trailer for the winter.

Any other tips? Let us know!